Early Learning Program

Program Information

Vulcan Prairieview Elementary is proud to offer outstanding early learning programs for 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds. Our program offers children a fun and safe learning environment to build early literacy skills, develop social skills, fine and gross motor skills, speech development, and many other skills important for pre-school children to learn and do prior to entering kindergarten.

Our programming allows for 2-half days for both the 3-year-old and the 4-year-old programs.  *Some children requiring interventions may be eligible for more program time as part of their intervention.

This excerpt from Palliser Regional Schools' Early Learning Pamphlet explains the philosophy behind our program:

Early childhood is a significant period in human development. Independence, initiative, decision making, creativity, the ability to learn, the ability to relate to others, and feelings of self-worth all have their beginnings in early childhood. What young children learn at this stage will have a major impact on successful learning experiences in school, on personal development and future participation in society.

Young children are naturally curious and eager to learn. Purposeful play is an important mode of learning for children. Through organized activities and purposeful play, children explore and experiment with their environment. The preschool program provides concrete, first-hand experiences with a variety of materials and people to help build a solid foundation for later abstract thinking in a safe and secure environment. The goal of the preschool experience is to provide learning experiences that are developmentally appropriate to meet the diverse needs of children and promote a positive attitude to lifelong learning.

Find out more about the philosophy and programs of Palliser Regional School's early learning programs.

Program Fees and How to Register for Pre-school

Registration forms for pre-school are available from the main office.  Children are eligible to begin attending pre-school as soon as they turn 3 years of age (even if that occurs after the start of the school year).

Program fees: $80/month


*Children needing interventions such as speech/language or occupational therapy may qualify for government funding (PUF) which will replace the program fee.  This is dependent on the child meeting the qualifications as per the Alberta Education funding model.  Ask your child's pre-school teacher, Diane Smith, or our early learning support teacher, Katie Wade, for more information.